Central Leadership, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension

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Each name below is linked to the person’s listing in the AgriLife People directory. In addition, each name is written to correspond with the way that it appears in our Microsoft Outlook address book.

Doug L. Steele, director
Susan G. Ballabina, executive associate director
Travis D. Miller, interim associate director—state operations
Jeffrey P. Ripley, associate director—county operations
vacant, assistant director and state leader for 4-H youth development
Stephen Green, assistant director, family and community health
Lara Burhenn, manager, communications and marketing

Associate department heads and unit heads (EXT–Mgmt ADH in Outlook)
Agricultural and Environmental Safety: Don Renchie
Agricultural Economics:  Mark Waller
Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications:  Scott Cummings
AgriLife Communications:  John Chivvis
AgriLife Information Technology:   Jim Segers
Animal Science: Ron J. Gill
Biological and Agriculture Engineering: Dana Porter
Ecosystem Science and Management: Robert Lyons
Entomology:  Charles Allen
Horticultural Sciences: Larry Stein
Institute of Infectious Animal Diseases: Heather L. Simmons
Institute of Renewable Natural Resources: Roel Lopez
Nutrition and Food Science: Jenna Anding
Plant Pathology and Microbiology: Jason Woodward
Poultry Science: Craig D. Coufal
Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences: Jill Martz
Sea Grant:  vacant
Soil and Crop Sciences: Larry A. Redmon
Texas Water Resources Institute:  Kevin Wagner
Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences: Interim Larry A. Redmon

Regional program leaders (EXT–Mgmt RPL in Outlook) │ Map
Central (districts 3 & 8)                ANR: Brent Batchelor;   FCS: Dana L. Tarter
East (districts 4 & 5)                     ANR: Larry W. Pierce Jr; FCS: Paula I. Butler
North (districts 1 & 2)                  ANR: Danny Nusser;        FCS: Angela K. Burkham
South (districts 10 & 12)              ANR: Todd Swift;              FCS: Luisa G. Colin
Southeast (districts 9 & 11)         ANR: Monty C. Dozier;    FCS: Erika H. Bochat
West (districts 6 & 7)                   ANR: Marvin R. Ensor;    FCS: Mandi Seaton

District Extension administrators (EXT–Mgmt DEA in Outlook)
District 1: Brandon Dukes            District 7:  Marty Gibbs
District 2: Michael Clawson         District 8:  Donald Kelm
District 3: Dale Dunlap                 District 9:  Dale Fritz
District 4: Hurley Miller                District 10: Kathleen Greer
District 5: Shelia Lewis                  District 11: Donnie Montemayor
District 6: Rebel L. Royall             District 12: Ruben Saldaña

County Extension directors (EXT–Mgmt CED in Outlook)
Bexar County:  Nelda Speller                    Harris County:  Allen Malone
Dallas County:  Richard Davis                   Tarrant County:  Joan Jacobsen
El Paso County:  Raymond Bader             Travis County:  Madelena Johnson
Fort Bend County:  Vincent Mannino

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