Quick-To-Market Video Production

Quick-To-Market videos are short (usually less than 3 minutes) and built to engage people searching during a Micro-Moment. They are  perfect for sharing across social media channels, like Facebook, Twitter and more.

Most of the files below are Google Docs which mean they will be updated regularly so check back often!

1.  Instructions for Using the iPad Video Kit

2.  Instructions for Using the Amplifier & Microphone

3.  Overview of Quick-to-Market Video Production

4.  Example Script Outline

5.  Intro / Closing Slide Templates

Image files that you can download to your iPad and insert into iMovie project

PowerPoint files that you can download to your PC, edit and then Save As a .jpg to email to your iPad for insertion into iMovie project

6.  Video Examples

7.  iPad Video Kit – Brochure

8.  iPad Video Kit – New!

If you would like to put together a kit and have questions, please contact Treye Rice:  tgrice@ag.tamu.edu

New solutions for building a kit have come on the scene since the original iPad video kit below.  If you are looking to assemble a kit, please check out the Padcaster Studio or Build Your Own Padcaster.  If you build your own, at a minimum, you will need the following:  The Padcaster Case, Padcaster’s .45x wide angle lens, Padcaster’s XP38 LED, The Padcaster Lav Mic, Apogee JAM premium digital converter (should include the three piece clamp system, dual mic / headphone jack, 1/4″ adapter), VT-16 Fluid Head Tripod, Padcaster Backpack.

If you don’t have an iPad, you will need to purchase a WiFi model, at least 128GB from the MSC apple store.

iPad Video Kit – Old List

This is a shopping list for everything you need to build an iPad video production kit. Check it often for updates and price changes. The current kit that I have has been “battle tested” and used by specialists to create quick-to-market videos (see #5 above).

9.  iPad Video Kit – Contents List

This is a list of contents for the iPad Video kits that have been distributed to Texas Extension Offices.  Contact your office manager for more information about checking out one of these kits -or- for the 4 digit pass code to log in to the iPad.

10.  Additional Resources

Guidelines, Accessibility & Legalities

Video Recording & Production

Video Editing

YouTube & Online Community

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