Guess who! Sixty staff enter their next decade of service

Coming into 2017, sixty AgriLife Extension employees had recently passed significant milestones in their years of service. Commendations signed by Director Steele have been framed and delivered to supervisors— ready for the next occasion to present to those who started a new decade of Extension employment. Congratulations to all!

30 Years of Service:

Animal Science                              Joe C. Paschal
County Program D01                    J. R. Sprague
County Program D02                    Mark Brown
County Program D04                    Joan I. Jacobsen
County Program D10                    Charla Bading

20 Years of Service:

Ag Communications                     Debbie Mitchell
Agriculture Education                  Paul Pope
County Program D02                    Calley Runnels
County Program D03                    Justin A. Hansard
County Program D03                    Beth Whitener
County Program D04                    Stephen Gowin
County Program D04                    Johanna Hicks
County Program D04                    Tommy Phillips
County Program D07                    Chad A. Coburn
County Program D09                    John P. O’Connell
County Program D10                    Jeffrey J. Hanselka
County Program D10                    Shea Nebgen
County Program D12                    Martha E. Dewitt
County Program D12                    Francisco Epperson
Family & Community Health      Bev Kellner
Horticultural Sciences                  James S. Kamas
Human Resources                         Dana Dewveall
Soil & Crop Sciences                     Dale A. Mott
Soil & Crop Sciences                     Tony L. Provin
Wildlife Services                            Richard B. Batla
Wildlife Services                            Steven L. Epperson
Wildlife Services                            James A. Timmons
Wildlife Services                            Linda J. Tschirhart-Hejl

10 Years of Service:

4-H & Youth Develop.                  Jana Barrett
4-H & Youth Develop.                  Lawrence J. (Larry) Perez
Agricultural Economics                Candice Foster
Agricultural Economics                Christina N. Knight
Agricultural Economics                Marco A. Palma
BLT – D07                                         Karen Longoria
County Program D01                    Amy E. Wagner
County Program D02                    Rae Cox*
County Program D02                    Nancy McDonald
County Program D02                    F. W. Utley*
County Program D03                    Ryan Martin
County Program D04                    Courtney Davis
County Program D04                    Angela Ehrler
County Program D05                    Brock Alan Fry
County Program D08                    Zachary T. Davis
County Program D09                    Michael W. Potter
County Program D09                    Earlene Taylor
County Program D10                    David Rodriguez
County Program D11                    Michael Hiller
County Program D12                    Lillian Mezquida
Entomology                                   Robin Williams
Family & Community Health       Lakshmi Mahadevan
Fiscal Office                                   Roxanne Matthys
Nutrition                                        Rebecca Starr Dittmar
Nutrition                                        Jon A. Perrott
Plant Pathology &
Microbiology                               Jason Woodward
Recreation, Parks &
Tourism Sciences                       Charriss York
Soil & Crop Sciences                     Dennis Lee Coker
Soil & Crop Sciences                     John W. Smith
Wildlife Services                            Jill D. House
Wildlife Services                            Jonathan N. Pankratz
Wildlife Services                            Skyler H. Schmickle

* Milestone reached in 2015. All others reached in 2016.

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