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Smart phones, tablets and small net-book computers have become devices that people commonly use for information and record-keeping. The saying goes, “There is an app for that,” and  it seems as if we discover the need for an “app” every day.

Below is a table of apps that may be useful in your work. It displays apps developed by Texas A&M AgriLife and other state Extension and university sources, as well as industry and other author sources.

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Apps in the catalog below are not reviewed, rated or recommended in any context. This list is provided as internal information for the faculty and staff of Texas A&M AgriLife; there is no intention to imply that any app must be used for any purpose. You should thoroughly research and become familiar with any mobile app before recommending it or using information or results.

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Developed by Texas A&M AgriLife Extension

Cow Poop Analyzer Megan Clayton

Sorghum Headworm Calculator Monti Vandiver X
Texas EDEN After a Disaster Treye Rice coming X
AgriLife Food Safety Joe Masabni Juan Anciso X
The Tick App Pete Teel X X  X X
Crop Cost Jay Yates coming X
Water Cost Jay Yates coming X
Water Calc Jay Yates coming X
 AquaCide $2.99  Todd Sink  X
AquaPlant $5.99 Todd Sink X
AmmoniaCalc $1.99 Todd Sink X
AquaRef $0.99 Todd Sink X
PondCalc $1.99 Todd Sink X
 Texas Farm Pond Management Calendar $1.99  Todd Sink  X
Feral Hog Management Todd Sink X
Stocking Rate Calculator for Grazing Livestock Todd Sink X
Cotton Root Rot Return to Treatment Calc Bill Thompson X
4-H news and Events  Chris Boleman iOS:  X  X
 Bushland Reference ET Calculator  Prasanna Gowda  X
 Northern Bobwhite Management Calendar  Jim Cathey  X
Northern Bobwhite Habitat Evaluation Jim Cathey X

Developed by other state Extension Services, universities or federal agencies

Pesticide Applicator Records Nebraska App to keep Pesticide application records.iphone: X X
MRTN Illinois Extension Maximum Return to Nitrogen Calculator X X
Sprayer Calibration Mississippi State Help properly calibrate sprayers X
Sprayer Calibration Clemson Extension
Rice Scouting app LSU Scout rice fields for insects, weeds, disease  X X X
Body Quest Alabama Extension Youth-directed nutrition education X
Spray Nozzle optimization USDA / ARS  X X
SoilWeb USDA-NRCS and UC Davis California Soil Resource Lab X X
Corn N Rate Calculator University of Wisconsin Nutrient and Pest Management Program X X
N Price Calculator University of Wisconsin X X
LeafSnap Columbia U, U of Maryland Identify Plants X
Farm Fuel Budget North Dakota State Extension X
Winter Survival Kit North Dakota State Extension X X
Disaster Recovery Log North Dakota State Extension X
 Volunteerica  New Mexico State Volunteer Record Keeping  X
 Demographica  New Mexico State  Record Meeting Demographics  X
Southwest Palnt Selector New Mexico State
 Leftovers  Iowa State  4 Day Throw Away Project
 HHS Health apps US Dept of Health and Human services  A collection of Health apps
 Turf Grass Management  University of Georgia  X  X  X
 ID Weed  University of Missouri
 X  X
 Bugwood Apps  University of Georgia  A collection of Mobile Apps from the Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health  X  X
Stink Bug Scout  Geogia  X
 PGR Mixmaster  New Hampshire Extension  Helps greenhouse growers calculate the amount of plant growth regulators.  X  X  X
 Dust Storm  University of Arizona  Tips and help in case of a dust storm.  X
 Lawn Care App  North Carolina State Extension Lawn Care, grasses, irrigation, pests and more  X  X
 Purdue Plant Doctor  Purdue Apps for Trees, Perennial Flowers, Annual Flowers and Shrubs  X
vTree Virginia Tech North American woody plants ID X
Western Bean Cutworm Speed Scout Nebraska Threshold for Cutworm treatment X

Developed by commercial sources Ag Apps X
Ag Weed ID Penton / Farm Progress X X
Revolving Arthropods Dennis Kunkel  X
Simplot Spray Guide Precision Labs Tank mix and application help X X
Mobile Farm Manager John Deere Keeps field and production data handy X
SpraySelect TeeJet Technologies Spray tip selection X X
agSeedSelect Monsanto X X
Agrowdata Commodity information X
LoadOut Lextech Allows monitoring and control of grain loading from cab X
AgStudioMap Mapping out field boundaries X
Connected Farm Trimble Map field boundaries and keep records per field X X
Onsite AgIntegrated Internet based allows direct access to equipment telematics X X
Weed Manager PLUS Monsanto Weed management recommendations X X
Exteme Beans Soybean Board Yield vs input cost analysis X X
Mix Tank 2.0 Precision Labs Create, save and share spray logs X X
Tank Mix Calculator FarmLogic X X
TankMix DuPont X
Optimizer 2.0 Advanced Ag Solutions Upload GPS soil sampling data X
Agrian Mobile  Agrian Inc X
Growing Degree Days Farm Progress X
Manure Monitor Move Creative Monitor environmental records
 Manure Calculator  Move Creative Calculate fertilizer rates for manure
 X  X
Mobile Pioneer Pioneer X X
Soil Survey Map GCS Research
Stink Bug Scout Bugwood X X
YieldCheck Precision Planting, Inc. X
Nutrient Removal The Mosaic Company X X
ArcGIS ESRI Mobile GIS mapping app X X
Google Earth Google, Inc. Mobile maps X X

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